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  • 04/06/2018 The Minister of Finance announces the Autonomous Fiscal Council Bill

    The authority also informed the composition of the Council that will continue operating under the current institutional framework, until the bill that enters Congress today is approved. The Council will be led by the renowned economist Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel.


  • 06/01/2015 Minister Arenas: “The Finance Ministry’s priority in 2014 was to tackle the downturn with an active fiscal policy”

    • In reviewing the past year, the Finance Minister pointed out that the goal of quickly clearing up the uncertainty surrounding the changes to the tax system had been accomplished through an expeditious and efficient process for legislating the Tax Reform.
    • He highlighted the government’s decisive countercyclical fiscal policy, with measures to stimulate private investment through the expansion of public investment, in order to foster growth.
    • The Ministry accomplished 100% of the measures under its responsibility in the first 100 days and won the approval of ten draft bills sent by this government, as well as three more from the previous administration.
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