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Friday, March 12 de 2010

Minister of Finance Felipe Larraín: Next Monday the “March Bonus" will be sent to Congress

The Secretary of State completed a day of intense activities. His first meeting as Minister was with CUT President Arturo Martínez.
Minister of Finance Felipe Larraín announced that next Monday, March 15, the legislative process will begin to pass the bill designed to provide a “March Bonus.” This was a commitment made during the recent electoral campaign of President Sebastián Piñera. In order for the bill to be passed, maximum collaboration and celerity is being requested of Chile’s Congress.

This benefit will provide $40,000 pesos to more than four million people in the month of March. Recipients are those who receive sole family subsidies and family assignations, and those who are members of the Chile Solidario program. This initiative will cost over US$300 million.

The “March Bonus” is the beginning of a strategy whose hope is to contribute to a dignified income for our country’s most vulnerable families. “This is the first step in the direction of an ethical family income," said Minister Larraín during his first press conference with economic sector journalists.

He also announced that afterwards, the Ministry would analyze “people’s income and the subsidies they receive to try to complement their income so that people can have a dignified minimum wage, which we are calling an ethical family income".

The Secretary of State explained that the idea is to speed up the March Bonus handout, because “this administration fulfills its promises, even though this is a difficult and tight moment, because we understand that it is a commitment we made and the people are counting on it".

He stressed that this initiative does not interfere in any way with efforts to rebuild the country. “Resources are tight, there is no doubt, and we are working on this issue. We are reexamining the budget to see what reassignations we can make to help those who are suffering after the recent earthquake," said Larraín.

Intense ministerial agenda

After the press conference, Minister Felipe Larraín held his first cabinet meeting with Arturo Martínez, the president of Chile’s main labor union Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT).  Undersecretary of Finance Rodrigo Álvarez also attended the meeting, which lasted for over 40 minutes.

The Secretary of State stressed the importance of this first meeting, to “rebuild the country together, because we have tremendous challenges ahead and we hope to work together and in a well-coordinated fashion with Arturo Martínez and the CUT".

In the afternoon, Minister Larraín met with Central Bank President José De Gregorio and Felipe Jaramillo, World Bank Director for Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, among other activities.
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