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Tuesday, March 11 de 2014

Ministry Resume

Alberto Arenas de Mesa is the Minister of Finance of President Michelle Bachelet’s Government since March 11th.
Major in Economics at the University of Chile  (1990) and Doctor of Economics from the University of Pittsburgh (1997),

He has developed an extensive career in the public sector.  Which he began in 1990 as an advisor of the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Budget, in which he has specialized in public finances, social protection, social security, civil service and human resources.

In 1997, he took over as chief of the Office of Budget’s Department of Research and in 2000 he was appointed Deputy Director of Rationalization and Public Service in said division.

In June 2000, he was appointed director of the state railway company (Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado, EFE), until June 2003.

During the entirety of President Bachelet’s first Government (2006-2010), he was Director of Budgets, where he was in charge of leading the teams that developed and implemented the reform of the Chilean Pension System launched by the Head of State, which was put into effect on July 1st, 2008.

He remained in that position until February 10th 2010, when he was assigned by Bachelet to join the council of the state mining company Codelco, in virtue of the coming into force of Law Nº 20.392, that stipulated the corporative government of the enterprise. He left that duty on May 11th 2010.

Between March 2006 and March 2010 he served as Vice President of the board of public enterprise system (Sistema de Empresas Públicas, SEP).

From March 2010 to June 2013 he worked as a researcher in the Micro Data Center of the Department of Economics, University of Chile.

Between November 2010 and March 2013 he served as a board member of television station Canal 13.

In October 2010, as former Director of Budgets, he was designated by Congress as a member of the first Resolution Council of Parliamentary Allowances. He held that responsibility until February 2014.

He has carried out consultancies for international organisms, such as the IDB, ILO, World Bank and ECLAC. He was a professor of the Masters in Public Policies of the Department of Economics from March 2010 to 2012.

He authored the book “History of the Chilean Social Security System Reform. A successful experience of Public Policy in Democracy. 2010”. International Labor Organization (ILO). Santiago, Chile.

And is co-author of more than thirty publications. Between the most recent ones are “The Structural Balance Approach in Chile’s Fiscal Policy: Results, Methodology and implementation on the 2006-2009 period” (Co-authors: Andrés Velasco; Jorge Rodríguez; Michael Jorratt and Cristóbal Gamboni); “Budget by Results and the Consolidation of the Central Government’s Evaluation and Control System” (Co-author: Heidi Berner Herrera); “Fiscal Projections of the Pension System: Acknowledgement Bonuses and Operational Deficit 2010-2050” (Co-authors: Paula Benavides; José Luis Castillo and Leonardo González); “The Chilean Pension Reform: Fiscal Projections 2009-2025” (Co-authors, Paula Benavides; Leonardo González and José Luis Castillo); “The Chilean Pension Reform Turns 25: Lessons from the Social Protection Survey”. (Co-authors: Jere Behrman; David Bravo; Olivia Mitchell; Petra Todd; Andrés Otero; Jeremy Skog; Javiera Vásquez and Viviana Vélez-Grajales).

Alberto Arenas is married and has three daughters.

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